125+ Easy Painting Ideas For Beginners

Have you been staring at a blank canvas, wanting to create a masterpiece but just can’t figure out which easy painting ideas are best to start with? There are a ton of fabulous options out there but I’m here to help. Get ready to go from “Where do I start?” to “Look what I created!”

I totally get it, the canvas can be a bit intimidating, but fear not – I’ve come up with a whopping 125+ acrylic painting ideas that’ll spark your imagination and kick-start your creative journey. From serene landscapes that transport you to distant horizons, to abstract explosions of color that make your soul sing, there’s something here for everyone. As a bonus, you’ll also find lots of links to different tutorials that are super easy to follow so you can get started right away.

Before we even get into it, I’m going to give you my top five tips for making sure you don’t get frustrated and give up before you’ve even really started.

  1. The more distant your painting subject is, the less detail it needs – When you look at something in the distance, it doesn’t have sharp details, right? The same goes for elements in a painting. It’s more about creating the illusion of something through shape and color.
  2. Learn to love brushstrokes – Keep your art representational rather than super realistic when you’re first starting your painting journey. Being able to see your brushstrokes is not a bad thing and, no, you aren’t doing it wrong. Brushstrokes are majorly important when creating impressionistic works of art (my absolute favorite!).
  3. Make mistakes… A lot of them – Making mistakes is awesome! The main thing is to learn from them. Ask yourself “What worked?” and “What went wrong?” and then move on. Your mantra should be “It’s just paint”, right? If you paint something you don’t like, let it dry and paint right over it.
  4. No expectations – Go in with a willingness to let go of any expectations you have for yourself. Your painting will not look exactly like the instructor’s painting and it shouldn’t! Art is about expressing how YOU see the world through your eyes and everyone sees things a bit differently. If you complete a YouTube tutorial and your piece looks different, congratulations! You did it right! Remember, nobody jumped on a bike or drove a car perfectly the first, second, third, or tenth time they tried and the same goes for painting. Give yourself a break, have fun, and see what happens.
  5. Break down large painting tutorials into small pieces – What I mean by this is, if you have your heart set on, say, a landscape painting of a distant mountain range, with a lush forest opening onto a sunlit meadow where a stream lazily winds its way toward the viewer, start by learning how to paint each element separately and then put it all together. Find tutorials on how to paint mountains, a forest, a meadow, and a stream. Work on those first and then you can more confidently attempt the full tutorial.

So, if you’re itching to paint a rainy urban scene, unleash a flurry of vibrant abstract shapes, or capture the essence of a starlit night sky – I’ve got you covered, and then some. No more staring at that intimidating blank space; it’s time to unleash the creative kraken!

A woman's hands holding a paintbrush and a pot of paint while painting an orange fish on a turquoise background. Text reads "125+ Easy Painting Ideas Plus Tons of Tutorial Recommendations for Beginners."

But First…Important Definitions You Should Know About Painting

  • Abstract – Abstract art is like a colorful puzzle where shapes, lines, and colors come together to make cool and interesting pictures. Instead of showing real things, it uses colors and patterns to make you feel different emotions or think about new ideas. It’s a creative way for artists to make art that’s a bit like a secret code that you get to solve with your imagination.
  • Impressionist/impressionism/impressionistic – Impressionist art captures the “impression” of a moment, often depicting scenes from daily life using obvious brushstrokes and vibrant colors to convey the play of light and atmosphere. While abstract art is more about imagination and emotions, impressionist art aims to capture the subject of a painting with a touch of realism.
  • Abstracted – In painting, “abstracted” means simplifying the appearance of objects and making them look different from how they really are. It’s like using colors, shapes, and lines to create a cool picture that doesn’t show exact things. Really, all art involves some level of abstraction from reality. Even in realistic or representational art, artists make choices about what to include, emphasize, or omit, which can lead to a certain level of abstraction. Artists may exaggerate certain features, alter colors, play with composition, or use symbolism to convey meaning, all of which involve a departure from strict reality.
  • Painterly – “Painterly” is a term used to describe a style of painting that emphasizes visible brushstrokes and textures (yes, brushstrokes are your friends!). This can create a sense of spontaneity and movement in the artwork. It’s just plain ol’ fun to let loose and let the paint lay how it will.

Extra Resources For Beginners:

Nature and Landscapes Easy Painting Ideas

The key to nature landscapes is to start simple and gradually work your way up to more complex scenes. As you gain confidence and skills, you can start experimenting with more intricate landscapes. Don’t be discouraged by mistakes; they are worth their weight in gold!

  • Sunset Silhouette – Paint a sunset scene with a silhouette of trees, or mountains against a vibrant sky.
  • Desert Landscape – Depict a sandy desert landscape with cacti and distant sand dunes.
  • Mountain Cabin – Paint a cozy cabin nestled in the mountains surrounded by nature.
  • Rural Farm Scene – Depict a peaceful countryside scene with a distant rustic barn and grazing animals.
  • Gentle Waterfall – Capture the tranquility of a gentle waterfall cascading down rocks.
  • Tranquil Pond – Create a tranquil pond with lily pads, dragonflies, and reflections.
  • Misty Mountains – Paint mist-covered mountains in the distance, shrouded in a sense of mystery.
  • Impressionist Landscape – Create a representation of a landscape using bold painterly shapes and colors.
  • Koi Pond – Create a serene koi pond with vibrant fish swimming among water lilies.
  • Grassy Field or Meadow – Practice your blending with a simple landscape of a sun-dappled meadow against a blue sky. Add a few distant trees and a few fence posts in the foreground for depth.
  • River or Stream – Paint a winding stream/river slowly zig-zagging its way through a forest.
  • Impressionist Mountains – Use geometric shapes to create an impressionistic representation of majestic mountains. Challenge yourself to create the entire painting using just a palette knife.

More Help With Painting Landscapes:

A black and white painting of a dark forest clearing. Original artwork by Sara Dorey.
“Deep Into The Forest” Original Artwork by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Paper

YouTube Painting Tutorial Recommendations

  1. Here’s a whole playlist of landscapes for beginners by the most excellent Art Sherpa
  2. Painting With Jane has a playlist of landscape painting tutorials too! Be aware that some of the videos in the playlist include watercolor so best to avoid those for now if you’re only painting with acrylics. You can totally go back and try them once you’ve become more familiar with your brushes.
  3. You’re gonna want to check out Michelle The Painter’s landscape playlist, as well. She does have some videos that are just demos but the playlist is huge so you’re sure to find something.

Abstract Acrylic Painting Ideas

Abstract art is all about expressing your emotions and ideas in a non-representational way. This is where you get to focus on shape, color, design, and texture. It’s definitely an intuitive way of painting so don’t be afraid to experiment, play with different techniques, and let your creativity flow.

  • Abstract Fire – Use warm and fiery colors to create an abstract representation of fire and heat.
  • Impressionist Sunrise – Use bold colors and shapes to represent the vibrant hues of a sunrise.
  • Abstract Music – Represent the rhythm and energy of music through abstract forms and vibrant colors.
  • Abstract Seasons – Express the four seasons through abstract forms, colors, and textures.
  • Abstract Wind – Convey the feeling of wind and movement through abstract shapes and lines.
  • Abstract Joyful Energy – Use colors like pinks, yellows, and oranges along with energetic brushstrokes or swirls to create playful shapes and patterns.
  • Abstract Calm Serenity – Incorporate soft blues, greens, and purples through gently sweeping lines and curves and play with feather light blending in certain areas.
  • Abstract Bold Confidence – Paint geometric shapes with lots of sharp angles using bright reds, vibrant blues, or bold black. Consider using a palette knife to show you really mean business.
  • Melancholy Reflection Abstract- Create a sense of introspection by layering lots of wispy brushstrokes and misty smudges. Grays, muted blues, and earthy browns work well for this.
  • Energetic Passion Abstract – Use chaotic brushstrokes and splatters in purples, reds, and oranges. Integrate contrasting layers and textures. This is a good one to practice both palette knife and blending techniques.
  • If you’re not afraid to get messy, paint pouring is also considered abstract and is so much fun! My favorite YouTuber for Fluid Art is Molly’s Artistry and if you’d like to learn everything you need to know to get started with pouring, check out her Acrylic Pouring Basics playlist and her Acrylic Pouring Techniques for Beginners playlist

If you’d like to focus on creating emotion through color, I’ve got an article about that too!

An abstract painting of swirled reds, golds, bronzes, chocolate browns, and creamy white. Original artwork by Sara Dorey
“Garnet, Jasper & Pearl” Original Fluid Art Abstract by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Ceramic Tile

YouTube Acrylic Painting Tutorial Suggestions

  1. Abstract Finger Painting On Canvas – Painting With Jane
  2. Easy Floral Abstract – The Art Sherpa
  3. Let’s Abstract – The Art Sherpa

Pssst! Take a look at my article for more fun with grownup finger painting

Easy Painting Ideas For Seascapes and Beaches

These simple seascape painting ideas allow beginners to explore different elements of the ocean environment, and practice depicting water, skies, and reflections. Take things slow and steady and don’t focus on details. Just keep your brushstrokes horizontal, when painting water, and it’ll all work out in the end.

  • Ocean Waves – Represent crashing ocean waves using varying shades of blue and white.
  • Lighthouse in the Distance – Paint a lighthouse standing tall against a dramatic sky, guiding ships to safety. Don’t forget to add a glow to your lighthouse if your sky is darkening.
  • Palm Trees on the Beach – Portray palm trees swaying on a tropical beach with turquoise waters.
  • Rocky Shoreline – Paint a rugged coastline with waves crashing against rocky cliffs and tide pools.
  • Sailboat Regatta – Create a scene of multiple sailboats gliding through the sun-speckled ocean.
  • Water Ripples – Explore the textures and patterns of water ripples in a loose and painterly manner.
  • Beach Hammock – Design a relaxing scene with a hammock strung between palm trees, overlooking a tranquil beach.
  • Illuminated Harbor – Depict a tranquil village harbor scene reflecting the warm glow of nearby fishing shacks.
  • Impressionist Ocean – Explore different shades of blue and white to create an abstracted ocean-inspired painting.
  • Distant Horizon – Portray a vast seascape with a distant horizon, where the sky meets the water in a seamless blend of colors. Tip: If you can get your paint colors to blend well, cover the seam with clouds or the silhouette of a distant landmass.

Some of My Best Resources For Oceanscapes:

Once you try some of the seascape easy painting ideas, you'll know how to add reflections to the water to make it look more realistic like this original painting by Sara Dorey featuring a red, white, green, and orange striped dory boat floating in turquoise blue water.
“Better Days” Original Acrylic Painting by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Step-By-Step YouTube Painting Tutorials To Try

  1. My go-to for learning how to paint water is Emily Mackey Art on YouTube. How to paint Teal Ocean Waves is one of my faves!
  2. Michelle The Painter has some amazing ocean tutorials which you can find on her Beach Paintings Playlist.
  3. Angela Anderson has a whole playlist of beautiful ocean inspired tutorials that you should definitely check out. You may notice that some of them are pretty long but that’s because she goes into detail, answers people’s questions during the live events, and gets up to some amusing shenanigans with her husband.

Still Life Acrylic Painting Ideas

No list of easy painting ideas would be complete without a section on still life art. One tip, remember to pay attention to lighting and composition while setting up your still life scene. If you need to, set it up in different ways, taking a photo of each display. That way, you can choose which one you like most and easily recreate it. Still life painting is a wonderful way to develop your observational skills and improve your understanding of color and form.

  • Flower Vase – Paint a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Focus on basic shapes and color blending for petals.
  • Fruit Bowl – Arrange and paint a bowl of fruits like apples, oranges, or grapes. Focus on texture and shading.
  • Cup of Coffee – Create a cozy still life with a cup of coffee, saucer, and a few accessories.
  • Candlelit Display – Depict a cozy display with a glowing candle and a wine glass emphasizing the play of light and shadows.
  • Teacup Still Life – Portray an elegant still life featuring a teacup, saucer, and a few biscuits.
  • Artist Still Life – Paint an assortment of brushes in a nice holder and add a tube or two of your favorite colors of paint.
  • Steampunk Still Life- Design an imaginative steampunk-style contraption with gears, levers, and pipes.
  • Books and Reading Glasses – Arrange a few books with a pair of reading glasses. This allows you to work on details and different textures.
  • Kitchen Utensils – Set up an arrangement of utensils like a spatula, and wooden spoon with a pretty bowl.
  • Seashells – Arrange a collection of seashells on a textured background. Make sure to have lots of different colors to keep it interesting.
  • Bottles and Jars – Group colorful bottles and glass jars of different shapes and sizes. Experiment with transparency and reflections.
  • Pottery and Ceramics – Organize a display of pottery or ceramic objects like bowls, plates, and mugs. This allows you to explore various shapes and surface textures.
Red hydrangea-like flowers in a terra cotta pot with bold green leaves and a pink, red, and orange background. Original Art by Sara Dorey
“A Pot Full” Original Acrylic Painting by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Still Life Easy Painting Ideas On YouTube

  1. Painting With Jane has a playlist with all sorts of different still life painting tutorials for you to try.
  2. The Art Sherpa has a couple of different tutorials but I love this steampunk inspired step-by-step painting
  3. This step-by-step by Michelle The Painter would be the perfect addition to your own art space. Make sure to check out the acrylic painting tutorial “Painter’s Library”.

Skyscapes: Sunsets, Star Filled Skies & More

Experiment with different brushstrokes, blending techniques, and color variations to create unique and captivating skyscape paintings. Observing real skies and reference images can help you understand the interplay of light, color, and atmosphere in the sky. If you need some inspiration, here are a few photos of the sky.

  • Stormy Sky – Practice blending techniques to create a realistic cloudy sky. Mix a bit of dark brown or purple to create warmth or coolness.
  • Moonlit Night – Paint a serene moonlit scene with a landscape under a starry sky. Use an old toothbrush and watered down paint to splatter stars.
  • Hot Air Balloon – Create a whimsical scene with a hot air balloon floating in the sky.
  • Rainbow Landscape – Design a landscape with a rainbow stretching across the sky.
  • Kite Flying – Depict a sunny day with a kite soaring high in the sky.
  • Cotton Candy Clouds – Paint soft and dreamy clouds resembling cotton candy in a pastel-colored sky.
  • Simple Night Sky – Portray a serene night sky with a crescent moon and twinkling stars.
  • Sunset Reflections – Create a scene with a serene body of water reflecting the colors of a beautiful sunset.
  • Aurora Borealis – Using blue, magenta, and turquoise, paint a loose interpretation of the Aurora Borealis against a dark starlit sky with the silhouette of a forest near the bottom of that canvas for perspective.
  • Mountain Sunset – Depict a mountain range silhouetted against the warm hues of a setting sun. To create depth, make sure your mountains go from darkest to lightest as they get further into the distance.
  • First Light – Create a bright morning sky using pinks, yellows, and peaches with a painterly forest silhouette.
  • Desert Sunset – Portray the vastness of a desert landscape with a mesmerizing sunset sky.
  • Tropical Sunset – Paint a tropical scene with palm trees against a backdrop of warm sunset colors.

Related Articles To Help You Paint Sky Scenes:

White fluffy and wispy clouds painted on a bright blue background.
This was just a practice session I did to paint some easy clouds
Acrylics on Paper

YouTube Acrylic Painting Tutorial Recommendations

  1. Now, listen. I know that most people want to paint clouds but it’s a struggle for new painters. That said, if you have your heart set on painting gorgeous skies filled with puffy clouds, The Art Sherpa has a whole playlist on how to paint clouds. If you tried each one, you’d be a pro!
  2. This “Easy Galaxy In A Mason Jar” painting tutorial by Angela Anderson is such a cool and unique take on painting the night sky. You really need to check this one out!
  3. I love this one by Painting With Jane that shows you how to paint a super bright sunset sky with bird silhouettes sitting on powerlines.

Vintage and Retro Easy Painting Ideas

When exploring these vintage-inspired easy painting ideas, consider researching the specific era or style you’re interested in to capture the essence and aesthetics accurately. Experiment with color palettes, brush techniques, and details to create a piece that transports viewers back in time.

  • Vintage Bicycle – Paint an old-fashioned bicycle leaning against a wall or fence. You could even add a basket to the bicycle and put some flowers in it.
  • Vintage Car – Create a vintage car parked on a charming street or against a scenic backdrop.
  • Old Bookstore – Depict the charm of an old bookstore with stacks of books and cozy reading corners.
  • Vintage Suitcase – Capture the nostalgia of a vintage suitcase adorned with travel stickers.
  • Vintage Typewriter – Portray a vintage typewriter on a desk, evoking a sense of nostalgia.
  • Retro Circus Big Top – Paint a vibrant circus tent with colorful flags and a lively atmosphere.
  • Retro Diner Scene – Design a 1950s style diner with red stools at the counter, a milkshake with a cherry on top, and, of course, can’t forget the jukebox
  • Weathered Doors and Windows – Create a row of weathered doors and windows leaning against an old shingled building.
  • Classic Radio or Record Player – Depict a close-up of a vintage radio or record player.
  • Farmhouse Kitchen – Paint a rustic farmhouse kitchen scene with an apple pie and a rolling pin sitting on top of a checkered tablecloth.
  • Vintage Camera – Capture artistic creativity by painting a closeup of a vintage camera (OMG, is Polaroid considered vintage now?! Siggghhhh).
  • Retro 80s Nostalgia – Paint a Walkman and headphones on a neon colored background.
A painting of a bright red watering can against a bright blue background. The watering can is filled with pink, yellow, and white flowers. Original acrylic painting by Sara Dorey
“Old Red Watering Can” Original by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Paper

Give These Vintage Painting Tutorials A Try

  1. Joni Young is the expert when it comes to fantasy so it’s usually included, in some fashion, in most of her tutorials. That said, this painting tutorial of a vintage lantern is super cool and would look great in a bedroom. If you’re not a fan of the fairy (how dare you! haha), just leave it out. 
  2. Here’s a fun painting tutorial of a vintage truck with flowers spilling out from under the hood by The Art Sherpa.
  3. I’m totally dating myself but, I love old vintage Christmas ornaments. There was real craftsmanship in each piece and they really reflected the light beautifully. If you’re a fan of them as well, take a look at The Art Sherpa’s in depth painting tutorial that’ll teach you how to paint retro Christmas tree ornaments.

Simple Weather Painting Ideas

These painting ideas offer a great way to experiment with different weather conditions and their associated moods. Play with colors, brushstrokes, and textures to convey the unique atmosphere of each type of weather.

  • Rainy Day – Depict a rainy day scene with an emphasis on the stormy clouds.
  • Icy Pond Reflections – Paint a small pond on a winter day, frozen over with a layer of ice. Depict the surrounding trees and maybe a distant hill or house reflecting on the smooth ice surface. You can use light blues and whites to convey the icy coldness of the scene. Keep the brushstrokes minimal and focus on creating a sense of tranquility and stillness.
  • Rainy Window – Experiment with painting raindrops on a window pane and the view beyond.
  • Impressionist Rainbow – Experiment with impressionist rainbow patterns using different shapes and vibrant colors.
  • Windy Day – Portray a breezy scene with swaying trees, flying leaves, and perhaps a kite soaring in the wind.
  • Snowy Landscape – Create a serene winter scene with snow-covered trees, a snowy path, and a hint of frosty air.
  • Foggy Morning – Paint a misty landscape with vague shapes emerging from the fog, capturing the mysterious atmosphere.
  • Blizzard – Depict a snowstorm with swirling snowflakes and reduced visibility.
  • Golden Hour – Capture the magical “golden hour” light just before sunset, casting a warm glow on the landscape. It’s the same idea as painting a misty scene except the mist is warm and golden in color. Think of a hazy summer evening.
  • Umbrella in the Rain – Focus on a colorful umbrella in a rainy urban setting, capturing the mood and reflections.

Extra Help With Painting Different Weather:

A black, white, and purple painting of a dreamcatcher, books, and a lit candle sitting on a window ledge with a view of mountains and a lake as seen through the rain splattered window. Original painting by Sara Dorey.
“Dream On” – by Sara Dorey (Painting Inspired by “Rainy Day” by Painting With Jane)
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas
Fun Fact: My cat has decided that stretched canvas makes a good chew toy as seen in the bottom right corner…

Learn To Paint Weather With These YouTube Painting Tutorials

  1. Painting With Jane has a fantastic tutorial if you’re interested in learning how to paint mist, fog, or mountain scenes.
  2. This is a great painting tutorial by The Art Sherpa that features a woman’s silhouette walking in the rain and wind.
  3. Michelle The Painter can teach you how to paint lightning in the night sky over a mountain range.

Ideas For Painting People

If you’re looking for easy painting ideas that include people, you can focus on capturing basic shapes and silhouettes to keep it simple. When you become more comfortable with painting people, you can gradually add more details and refine your techniques.

  • Ballet Dancer – Capture the grace and movement of a simple ballet dancer in a dynamic composition.
  • Walking in the Rain – Paint a person walking under an umbrella in the rain, capturing the mood and atmosphere of a rainy day.
  • Beach Day – Depict people relaxing on a sunny beach, with sand, water, and colorful umbrellas.
  • Picnic in the Park – Create a scene of people enjoying a picnic with a checkered blanket and a basket of food.
  • City Stroll – Design a street scene with people walking along a bustling city sidewalk, capturing the energy of urban life.
  • Playing in Leaves – Showcase children or people playing and tossing leaves in a park during the autumn season.
  • Outdoor Concert – Paint people enjoying live music at an outdoor concert, with colorful stage lights and a festive atmosphere. You could even add some fireworks!
  • Couple Dancing – Depict the silhouette of a couple dancing at a romantic event, capturing the elegance and movement of the dance.
  • Ice Cream Vendor – Create a charming scene of people lining up at an ice cream truck on a warm summer day. Another idea would be to paint a hand holding an ice cream cone that’s dripping down over part of the hand. This will make it super simple to cover up any goofs you have painting the fingers.
  • Café Conversation – How about a cozy café setting with people sipping coffee, reading, or engaged in conversation? As a beginner, you’ll want to focus on painting in a painterly and impressionistic style.
A Geisha wearing a blue kimono with a red neck sash against a black background. Painting by Sara Dorey.
“Beauty of a Geisha” by Sara Dorey (Inspired by “Geisha Inspired” by The Art Sherpa)
Acrylics on Paper

Simple YouTube Tutorials For Painting People

  1. The Art Sherpa is the one to go to if you want to learn how to paint people. She has tons of tutorials to teach you the easiest ways to master the art and then even more step-by-step videos when you’re ready to move on to something a bit more challenging. Her “Lovers Walking In Rain” is a great place to start since it features a couple walking away so you won’t have to worry about painting faces. Plus, it’s got lots of gorgeous colors!
  2. Michelle The Painter has a great tutorial if you want to give faces a try. The angle of the face is unique and makes it a bit easier to paint since you aren’t looking at it straight on. Take a look at her “Day Moon Drifter” video painting tutorial and see for yourself.
  3. If you want to jump right in and start painting closeups of faces, you need to check out Angela Anderson’s step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the process of painting eyes.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Painting Ideas

Fantasy and sci-fi genres offer endless possibilities for exploration and allow you to be whimsical and as “out there” as you want to be. If you were to paint a house and the walls were crooked or bent, normally you’d want to try to straighten them but in this case you would just go with it and let those walls be as curvy and crooked as they want. This is where reality becomes very blurred and your imagination can soar!

  • Mystical Forest – Create a magical forest scene with unusual colors and a dreamy atmosphere.
  • Fairy Tale Castle – Paint a whimsical castle in a fantastical landscape, perhaps with a dragon flying overhead.
  • Magical Moon – Design an otherworldly scene with a large, radiant moon and mysterious elements.
  • Enchanted Garden – Portray a magical garden scene with whimsical flowers, butterflies, and hidden creatures.
  • Whimsical Forest – Capture an imaginative forest scene of mushroom houses with the warm glow of candlelight shining from the windows and curly smoke coming from the chimneys.
  • Fairy Glow – Create an ethereal scene with glowing fairies and a moonlit background.
  • Mystical Portal – Paint a mysterious portal leading to an imaginary realm.
  • Cosmic Journey – Design a space-themed artwork with galaxies, stars, and planets (maybe even a UFO)
  • Steampunk Airship – Depict a steampunk-style airship sailing through the sky, with gears and mechanical details. (Take a look at these steampunk airship photos for inspiration)
  • Dragon in Flight – Paint a dragon soaring through the sky, showcasing its majestic presence.
  • Underwater Kingdom – Create an underwater realm with mermaids, colorful fish, and ancient ruins.
  • Futuristic Cityscape – Paint a futuristic city with sleek buildings, flying vehicles, and advanced technology.
A painting of a woman's blue eye with a blue butterfly emerging from the outer corner. Painted by Sara Dorey
“Butterfly Dreams” by Sara Dorey (Inspired by “Butterfly Eye” by The Art Sherpa)
Acrylics on Paper

Sci-Fi And Fantasy Painting Tutorial Suggestions

  1. No fantasy easy painting ideas list of tutorials would be complete without adding a tutorial by Joni Young. Joni is the absolute queen of creating magical paintings and her “Floating Castle” step-by-step painting tutorial is perfect if you’re wanting to immerse yourself in the land of fairytales.
  2. The Art Sherpa has a beautiful painting tutorial of an ethereal fairy sitting amongst the moonlit flowers. Go check it out!
  3. If you’re looking for something that mixes fantasy with a bit of spookiness, take a look at Painting With Jane’s “Haunted House” acrylic painting tutorial. It has the look of a spooky portal to another realm and the technique used to paint the house is really interesting and quite easy to do.

Cityscapes and Urban Scenes

These easy painting ideas of city scenes allow you to practice perspective, light, and shadow, and capture the hustle and bustle of urban life. Start with basic shapes and throw the details out the window…of a skyscraper…

  • City at Night – Paint a bustling cityscape with illuminated buildings and reflections on wet streets.
  • Urban Farmer’s Market – Depict a vibrant farmer’s market scene with an array of fresh produce and bustling activity.
  • Village Street – Capture the charm of a village street with cobblestones, quaint houses, and people.
  • Impressionist City Skyline – Create an abstract representation of a city skyline with bold shapes and colors.
  • Old Town Alley – Capture the character of an old town alleyway with charming buildings, lanterns, and cobblestone paths.
  • Impressionist City Lights – Portray the bustling energy of a city at night through abstract patterns of light. Using round dauber sponges to create a bokeh effect is an easy way to accomplish this.
  • Skyscraper Scene – Paint a scene featuring modern skyscrapers reaching up into the sky, focusing on geometric shapes.
  • City Bridge – Create a painting of a bridge connecting different parts of the city, with a river or waterway beneath.
  • City Rooftops – Depict a view from above, showcasing the rooftops of buildings and the skyline in the distance. Or, you could focus more on a moonlit sky with rooftops lining the bottom of the canvas. Use the moonglow to create highlights on your rooftops.
  • Urban Garden – Design a scene from a public garden. You could add a gazebo, lots of flowers, a pathway, and even a pond with ducks or swans.
An abstract painting of a city skyline against a yellow, orange, and green sky. Sheets of rusty metal with grommets are painted below the city to represent the harbor.
“City of Rust” Original by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Paper

Urban Scene Easy Painting Ideas On YouTube

  1. Joni Young has a bunch of easy painting ideas for painting city scenes. Take a look at her Cityscapes & Nightlife playlist to find the perfect one for you.
  2. I love Painting With Jane’s “City Lights At Night” step-by-step tutorial. It’s a great way to practice creating a bokeh effect.
  3. If you want to try something that has an old world feel but still captures that urban vibe, take a look at The Art Sherpa’s “Manarola Village” landscape painting tutorial. It features a cliff-side village filled with brightly colored buildings.

Trees, Botanicals, and Florals

An original painting of a magnolia branch with five pink magnolia flowers in different stages of opening. Painting by Sara Dorey
“Magnolia Branch” Original by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

These plant, tree, and flower subjects offer a great starting point for beginners to practice various techniques like layering colors, creating texture, and adding details. I find that flowers are a great way to experiment with your brushes to see which shapes they can make.

  • Whimsical Tree – Paint a whimsical and imaginative tree with unique branches and colors.
  • Cherry Blossom Tree – Capture the beauty of spring with a cherry blossom tree in full bloom.
  • Sunflower Field – Depict a sunny field of vibrant sunflowers, each facing the sun.
  • Dandelion Wishes – Design a close-up view of a dandelion in the breeze, with seeds drifting away.
  • Impressionist Trees – Paint a forest of loose painterly trees using different shades of green and unique brushstrokes.
  • Daisy – Create a closeup of a daisy, using bright colors and simple brushstrokes.
  • Impressionist Flowers – Portray abstract flowers using basic shapes and vibrant colors. Don’t be afraid to let those brush strokes show!
  • Evergreen Tree – Depict a full evergreen tree standing tall and proud in the center of a meadow. If you want to get really adventurous, add snow.
  • Tulips – Create a lovely spring scene by painting tulips in different colors against a bright blue sky.
  • Birch Trees – Paint a stand of birch trees with bright yellow foliage. Don’t forget to add some of the yellow leaves to the ground to create the illusion of fallen leaves.

More Articles About Painting Florals:

The results of practicing painting peonies. Although the pink peony ended up looking more like a rose, practicing different objects can inspire you to come up with your own easy painting ideas.
“Pink Peony Is A Rose” by Sara Dorey
Just a small practice piece where what was supposed to be a peony ended up being a rose.

Learn To Paint Trees And Flowers With These Simple Tutorials

  1. If you want some amazing and easy painting ideas for flowers you need to start with the expert, Angela Anderson. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube tutorials over the years and every instructor has a specialty, florals are Angela’s. This step-by-step tutorial of a pink daisy is perfect for beginners because the shapes involved are pretty easy to achieve.
  2. Michelle the Painter has a lovely painting tutorial of a poppy field at sunrise. This one gives you a chance to play with how to make random shapes look like flowers without much effort.
  3. And, finally, I know a lot of people want to learn how to paint roses but it’s also one of the more challenging flowers to paint. That said, The Art Sherpa has a fantastic tutorial that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process. Check out her video “The Easy Rose”. This is her no fail method for painting roses and is totally worth watching.

Animals, Birds, and Insects

These easy painting ideas of animals, insects, and birds are designed to be ultra-simple and are perfect for beginners who want to practice recognizing how basic shapes can lead to a fairly decent representation of different figures. Have fun experimenting and adding your own creative touches to these easy and approachable painting ideas!

Tips And Tricks For Painting Wildlife And Pets:

An original painting of a black dog wearing a yellow bandana around its neck. Original painting by Sara Dorey
“Sitting Pretty” Original by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorials For Beginners: Animal, Bird, And Insect Edition

  1. Like me, Painting With Jane has a thing for crows and I absolutely love her beginner-friendly tutorial called “Harvest Moon”. It features a huge orange moon with a crow sitting on a bare tree limb.
  2. Who doesn’t love a fuzzy wuzzy bumble bee? Michelle the Painter has the cutest bee on a sunflower painting tutorial for you to try. I really like how the petals of the sunflower are blurred so that the focus stays on the bumble bee.
  3. If you have a special place in your heart for black cats and love the vintage look, The Art Sherpa is going to teach you how to paint the famous “Le Chat Noir”. It’s such a cool retro piece that is easier to paint than you may think.

Seasonal Easy Painting Ideas For Beginners

Everyone has a favorite season and these easy acrylic painting ideas are a fun way to celebrate your love for spring, summer, fall, or winter. Each season has a different kind of lighting so this is a great way to practice how to create atmosphere by your color choices and brushstrokes.

  • Autumn Leaves – Paint a close-up view of colorful autumn leaves on a tree branch.
  • Camping Adventure – Design a cozy camping scene with a campfire, tents, and a starry night sky.
  • Spring Chick – Create a painting of a super fuzzy chick walking through the tall green grass.
  • Autumn Harvest – Depict a bountiful harvest scene with pumpkins, apples, and other autumnal produce.
  • Beach Day – Capture a beach scene with colorful umbrellas or a fancy drink, with the ocean in the background.
  • Cozy Cabin – Design a charming cabin nestled in a snowy forest, emitting a warm and inviting glow from its windows.
  • Autumn Pathway – Paint a winding pathway through a forest, covered in colorful autumn leaves.
  • Bunny Tail- Depict a bunny from the back with a huge fluffy cotton ball tail.
  • Frosty Windowpane – Create a close-up of a frosted windowpane with delicate ice crystals and a view of a winter landscape.
  • Autumn Sky – Showcase the vibrant colors of autumn leaves under a crisp and clear fall sky.
  • Winter Twilight – Paint a winter evening sky with deep blues and purples, hinting at the coldness of the season, and make sure to include a few gently falling snowflakes.

More Articles Related To Seasonal Paintings:

An original painting of a cabin nestled between the snow-covered trees on the edge of a frozen lake at first dawn. Original painting by Sara Dorey.
“Winter Retreat” Original by Sara Dorey
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

A Few Seasonal Painting Tutorials For You To Try

  1. Spring – Painting With Jane has a really interesting spring acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. There’s something about her composition of an old fence post surrounded by wildflowers that perfectly captures the feeling of spring.
  2. Summer – Who doesn’t associate ice cream with summer fun? Even if you don’t partake in the delicious creamy yumminess of it, I’m sure you’ve seen a kid or two with a face and hands full of it. To create the fun and carefree vibe of summer, check out Michelle the Painter’s “Scream for Ice Cream” painting lesson.
  3. Fall – This is a hard one for me because Autumn is my favorite time of year and all of my top ranking YouTube instructors can whip up a fall scene like nobody’s business! That said, I had to go with Joni Young for this one. She uses a lot of neon acrylic paint in her artwork and there’s something about those bright neons that really capture the beauty of fall foliage. Take a look at “A Lamppost in Autumn” and see for yourself.
  4. Winter – Angela Anderson is really good at creating landscapes with soft light and that why I chose her “Winter Lake” landscape beginner-friendly painting tutorial. Instead of the deep cold colors of winter, like purple and blue, this painting also includes pinks and yellows but still gives that wintery feel.

Final Thoughts On Figuring Out The Easiest Things To Paint

As we’ve journeyed through these easy painting ideas, we’ve discovered that the canvas becomes a playground where beginners can unleash their imagination with confidence. From whimsical cityscapes to enchanting seasonal scenes, each stroke of the brush becomes a stepping stone on the path of artistic growth.

Remember, the key to embarking on this colorful adventure is to embrace the joy of creation. Repeat after me… “It’s not about perfection”. Making mistakes is crucial to learning how to paint in your own style and, really, the more mistakes you make the more opportunity you have to figure out what will work for you and, therefore, the faster you’ll learn!

So, whether you’re capturing the tranquil allure of a birch tree or conjuring the magic of a starlit skyscape, know that every stroke, every hue, and every artistic endeavor adds a new chapter to your creative story.

More Important Resources If You’re New To Acrylic Painting:

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