Pink Sailboat min
“Sunset Sail” by Sara Dorey
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A Pot Full min
“A Pot Full” by Sara Dorey

I’ve learned a few things, after a ton of acrylic painting experiments (many of which were epic failures!), and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

The mission, should you choose to accept:

  • Browse an ever-expanding resource of beginner painting tips, tricks and techniques that make sense
  • Destress and play with color while creating some good ol’ fashioned easy painted seasonal craft DIYs
  • Make yourself a priority! You deserve to relax, stretch that artistic muscle, and have a blast while you’re at it! I’m a firm believer that living creatively is just as important as eating well, being active and getting a good night’s sleep
  • Allow yourself to be a kid again! Take yourself back to a time when hands covered in paint and a uniquely you project was something that made you simply and mindfully happy
About Page Personally
Pink Bokeh About Me min edited
  • I’m silly and love to joke around
  • I’m highly fluent in sarcasm and one liners
  • I sing or hum all. the. time.
  • I can’t live with white or beige colored walls.  It depresses me
  • I used to own a bath and body product business where I used my art skills to design soap bars and other products
  • If Choco-tarianism was a thing, I’d rock that lifestyle like a BOSS!
  • My favorite time of year is Fall (yes, I’m one of those pumpkin everything kinda gals and proud of it!)
  • I’m pretty sure my spirit animal is a flamingo…
  • I used to own and operate my own jewelry business
  • I’m an introvert who is exceptionally skilled at playing an extrovert
  • I feel most alive when I’m creating something
  • I learned how to paint, I wasn’t born with a gift for it
  • I believe everyone should have a creative outlet for good mental health
  • Squishing paint with a palette knife is one of my favorite things. I completely zone out!